You and hundreds of your friends have shipwrecked on a mysterious island! Ahead: a dark and probably abandoned place, full of nothing to fear. But wait! Was that kitties?!


Run, jump and collect all of the thingies as you perform in hundreds of deadly stage plays! Surrounded by puzzling platforms of every shape and size, can you find a way to save everyone's best friend Hatty Hattington from becoming a jerk forever?

But if solo acts aren't your style, go online or bring a buddy couch-side to play a thoroughly co-optimized quest! The crowd will love you whether you prefer teamwork or being the team jerk.

Pocket full of Gems and Yarn? Cash in on your growing fame with a visit to the lobby Gift Shop! Unlock new friends or bribe old enemies for an arsenal of weapon-tools! Helpful even when they aren't being harmful, audience favorites include the "melt-your-face-off" Acid Bubble, or the "just-what-it-sounds-like" Frog Bomb!

And when you're ready to take a break from the Story, you can always bring your new crowd-pleasers to the Arena...

Whether you're king crowning or whale chasing, BattleBlock Theater performers have many ways to earn Gems while teaching their enemies the real meaning of stage fright!

Ball Game: Put the ball in the other guy's net to BOOMSHAKALAKA and get the points!

Capture the Horse: Go steal the other team's horse, because the free pony we just gave you wasn't enough. Jerk.

Challenge: Can you get to the exit super fast? Get there quicker than the other team or nobody will care!

Color the World: Touch the blocks to make them your team's color. If you are more touchy-feely than the other team, you win!

Grab the Gold: Okay, so there is this whale... and he's, like, flying around and dropping gold? I guess? Just take the gold and put it into the flying safe. Simple.

King of the Hill: Race to the shiny, golden blocks to get points and be crowned King... at least until you get punched right in your royal face. May the meanest monarch win!

Muckle: Get a few points by beating the other team up. Get a lot of points for exploding, zapping, melting, burning, spiking or sending them to a watery grave.

Soul Snatcher: Gleefully run around with the souls of your enemies to rack up points. Cruel? Yes. Fun? Absolutely.

Wow, Battleblock Theater sure is a dark and dangerous place, and thanks to a state-of-the-art level editor, now you can get some of the credit for that too!

Build like the pros, using our fully functional block palette to design all the things we failed to imagine! Whether you create a single arena level or a multi-stage adventure opus, the choice is yours; it's so easy to get started, even a cat can use it.

Ready to put your show on the road? Upload your creations to the Community Theater and bring joy and maimings to performers the whole world over! And if your stuff catches our eye, we might even make your levels the latest "Furbottom's Feature"!

SUPER IMPORTANT: once a level or playlist is uploaded to the Community Theater, those levels cannot be altered. Please be sure to save a backup copy of your work before uploading!

Furbottom's Features is a weekly spotlight we shine on some of our favorite Community-made levels. These featured playlists are selected by our staff at The Behemoth. Unlike the Strawberries and Pumpkin Pie found in other Community Theater levels, players that complete Featured Adventure levels will find real, honest-to-goodness Gems, which can then be used to unlock new friends from the Gift Shop; meanwhile, players who create Featured levels are rewarded with fans, who may then become real, honest-to-goodness friends. Like, really real ones *.

Here's the current schedule for Furbottom's Features changes:

Week 1: Solo Playlist
Week 2: Arena Playlist
Week 3: CoOp Playlist
Week 4: Arena Playlist

If you're interested in making a future Furbottom's Feature candidate, visit the Level Editor to get to building. If you're interested in playing today's Furbottom's Feature, just head into the Community Theater and select Feature!

*The obtaining of actual friends is not guaranteed. Battleblock Theater is not responsible for new "friends" seeking actual vengeance.

Who can put a price on friendship? We did! In BattleBlock Theater, performers earn Gems in both Story and Arena modes. Gems can then be spent at the Gift Shop on new friends, and within moments -BAM- you can play as your own new best friend.

But with OVER 300 friends to unlock, even the most stocked Gift Shop can't keep every kind of friend on the shelf: head to Furbottom's Features in the Community Theater and complete the latest Solo or Coop playlist to earn even more performers. And sometimes, just sometimes, you'll find someone new just for showing up! *Follow our blog or social pages to get notified when a new special prisoner becomes available.

But what to get the performer with every kind of friend?? Word has it that the BattleBlock Theater Security has over a dozen confiscated weapon-tools in their possession, but good luck getting them past the guards. No really, good luck-- every show is better with live grenades! If all else fails, try bribery. Yarn? Cats love that stuff!

Good for platforming or pulverizing, weapon-tools may be found in Story mode, but they are also handy when unleashed upon an unwitting Arena team! KA-BLAM!